How can your team excel? How can you transform yourself? How can you deliver systemic, lasting change in your business? How do you create the right gender balance in your talent pipeline so that both men and women thrive?

Eye 2 Eye Development Ltd is a leadership development consultancy founded and led by renowned coach and facilitator Alyse Ashton. We  help you to answer questions like these so that you get the sustained change, performance and results you want.

Alyse and her highly skilled network of trusted coaches and facilitators work in partnership with you to get to the heart of your problem. This approach means you receive assistance tailor made to your requirements, so that you get targeted change more quickly (a recent assignment led to an increase in their employee survey results of 25 points).

Our team work with you to help you discover mind-set skills and behaviours that mean you and others around you succeed and thrive.

We love a challenge and can guarantee that our deeply skilled team will bring creativity, energy and flexibility to deliver a culture changing experience for your organisation.

We know what we are good at – if we’re not the right fit, we will tell you… and connect you with people who are.

If you want to transform what you do and how you do it, partner with us.


Alyse supported our supply chain leadership team for several years.  In a very skilful and subtle way she progressed meetings with very full agendas.  Her cleverly innovative way of seeing things was very refreshing and her support and coaching was very successful.  She was at ease and very efficient with any type of people and cultural background.

Anna Cusmano, BP Lubricants