Team Coaching

Do you yearn for your team to gel, work seamlessly together, face into gritty issues and get great results?
We know team members want to succeed. They are capable, committed people and yet they struggle to connect, truly collaborate and drive change together. They want to feel the satisfaction which comes with high performance. And it requires attention and time.

Alyse and her team work with leadership and C-Suite teams and non-exec boards and bring a wealth of commercial experience across sectors along with a nose for the tool or intervention that will enable team to gel and unlock high performance. We help teams create a clear, shared purpose and strategy; energy focused on results and the foundation of connection and trust which means they are open, face the brutal facts and hold each other to account.
AND we know each team is different – so off the shelf won’t be enough. We facilitate, we coach (both the team and individuals), and at times we teach and observe the team in action – what ever is needed in the moment for this team. The key is that the team makes the calls about where to focus.

We will

  • Take time to rigorously diagnose and create shared understanding of perceptions
  • Partner with you designing an approach and selecting practical tools that suit your team, culture and context
  • Uncover hidden issues and create the conditions and space for your team to discuss them freely and move beyond them
  • Hold up a mirror and bring in perspectives from key stakeholders outside the team
  • Define clear outcomes and bring the psychological acuity to ‘dance in the moment’, flexing to deal with what’s in the room
  • Enable systemic change within the team, to your wider teams and between teams
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What our clients say

Don’t take our word for it – read a selection of success stories for 1-2-1 and team coaching as well as leadership development, bespoke change workshops and creating the conditions for men and women to thrive.

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Enhance team performance

The Team Health check is an online questionnaire which enables productive, high-energy team performance. It gives teams a shared view of strengths and weaknesses so that they can pinpoint and take ownership for key areas to enhance team performance and results.

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“The work we did with Alyse was great; she was a pleasure to work with and bearing in mind it was a tricky session/context, she was masterful ‘in the moment’!”

Caroline Cryer, IHG