Bespoke Workshops

Designing workshops and events that meet your specific needs and stimulate sustained change in mindsets, behaviour and results is what we love.

We dig into your situation, understand your context and then call on a wealth of tools and creativity to create something that works – for you. And we confront the tough conversations that often block success.

From small groups to hundreds in a large we, we create high impact events. From 75 minute workouts to blended development programmes which combine webinars, workshops and coaching over 6-12 months we create solutions matched to your budget and outcomes.


  • Leadership (what I stand for and want, team leadership)
  • Personal skills (impact, presence, communication,)
  • Interpersonal (influencing, networking, political savvy)
  • Creating inclusive leadership and cultures where both men and women thrive (reducing unconscious bias, creating awareness, insight and changing assumptions and patterns)


  • Partnering – to understand your context and talking to participants to grasp your needs
  • Design with you – drawing on research and proven tools… and focused on learning through insight and experience – the “so what”
  • Delivery – skilled facilitators who can flex in the moment to create memorable, engaging learning events which stick

And if it’s not our bag, we will tell you.

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What our clients say

Don’t take our word for it. Read a selection of success stories for 1-2-1 and team coaching, leadership development, bespoke change workshops and creating inclusive cultures. Or watch this short video.

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“I see a lot of workshops and Alyse has a real gift. She knows how to zero in on what ‘s important, loosen people up and create a safe environment where they interact well with each other. People who didn’t know each other open up, really listen and surprise themselves with what they say. I’ve seen people achieve personal breakthroughs and chose to travel to Germany for a workshop focused on growing female talent simply because Alyse was the facilitator. My advice? Arrange your dates around her availability.”

Liz Early, Diversity Lead TNT