1-2-1 Coaching

Are you up for making shifts to achieve new success and releasing patterns that no longer serve you?
Do you crave time and space to focus on your real challenges and build on your strengths?

Eye 2 Eye founder Alyse Ashton and her network of skilled, credentialed coaches are steeped in business and human development and behaviour. They work flexibly with laser like attention to you and your needs – creating a safe space for you to bring the real you and speak freely. AND they turn up the ‘heat’ with the discipline and focus, the challenge and questions – to free you from old habits, shift how you think and how you show up. It’s what we call shift coaching – working from the inside out on beliefs, mindset and assumptions which shape behaviour and the outside in – how you show up and operate to get different results.

It’s about a purposeful conversation. One that gives freedom within a clear framework.
We explore your goals, agree a tailored programme of 1:1 sessions which could include 3 way conversations with your boss, live observation, use of psychometrics (such as Hogan, Strengthscope, MBTI) and qualitative, comprehensive 360 feedback interviews.
You bring the commitment, focus and energy to follow through. We bring the supportive safe space and edgy challenge; the inquisitive questions and provocation; the courage to dig deep and the mirror to hold you to account.

What will it give you?
Honestly? What you want and are willing to commit to. And if it was that easy you would do it. Clients tell us they gain
• Increased self awareness & personal effectiveness
• Clarity of intention and increased motivation
• Grounded resilience to deal with change and bounce back from set backs
• New ways of thinking, new skills and approaches leading to better results

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“I learned a huge amount and Alyse was great at tailoring a programme to meet my needs. It was enlightening and scary at times – she stretched me and took me out of my comfort zone. Her approach was structured and adaptable, focus on my agenda and outcomes. She was brilliant at managing the balance between leaving me in control and pushing the boundaries”.

Global VP IT, Financial Services