Bespoke workshops – delivering Gender Balance

Accelerating the growth of female talent and enhanced gender balance in the talent pipeline. Design and delivery of a bespoke 6 month blended learning experience – tailored to fit the specific culture and integrated with the business.  

The Challenge: A large global engineering and technology firm faced the common issues found in STEM sector.  Whilst entry level recruitment was close to 50/50 male female, the talent pipeline dwindled in mid management and there were few senior Executives at senior level. Following a successful programme in the US Head Office to find ways to progress talented females, we were approached to design a programme that would fit the European context and culture.

What we did:  We took time to understand what leadership success looked like in this organisation to hone the design. We partnered closely to ensure that the design was integrated and supported internally and also maximised experiential time with  the selected 12 talented women.  Talented women are busy so we combined experiential workshops with targeted and focused prework (short videos and articles) to stimulate thinking and minimise input during precious face to face time.  Workshops and 1:1 coaching supported learning transfer.  Internal mentors outside the participant’s area supported them in stepping up and navigating the organisation and senior role models engaged in dialogue at each even to share insights and role model what is possible.

The result: 2 highly successful programmes were run prior to a takeover. Feedback from partipants and their internal mentors highlighted their increase in confidence, presence and impact.  They reported more confidence in challenging and handling conflict as well as navigating politics and stepping up.  Having gained clarity about their brand and what they wanted to offer, participants were more courageous in seeking out key projects roles and 30% were promoted within a year.

“Alyse has the rare combination of being extremely knowledgeable about developing people while being open to new ideas. She really listened to the type of outcome we wanted to achieve and worked throughout the program to deliver it. I appreciate her enthusiasm, knowledge, expertise and flexibility. 

Delivery has been first class, connections with me and the participants have also been excellent but when you can do that and ensure that senior leadership is comfortable with what is going on everyone is confident. I would not recommend her to any of our competitors!!”

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