Veronica Munro

Veronica is an International Executive / Leadership Coach and Strategic Facilitator with over 20 years’ experience working specifically with CEOs, C-suite leaders and their teams in over 30 countries within Africa, Asia, Middle East, Pakistan, Europe and North Americas, in both developed and emerging markets. Her strengths include her exceptional ability to work closely with leaders and teams, in global and multi-national / multi-cultural  organisations, leveraging their strengths and facilitating sustainable behavioural change that supports them to achieve greater levels of business performance, as well as personal success and alignment.

Veronica has a strong business background working as a senior leader herself within global organisations and is well known for her ‘transformative’, engaging and pragmatic, results driven approach.

Veronica is an EMCC certified Senior Practitioner/Coach, with a wide range of coaching practices including Ontological, Gestalt, Neuro Linguistics, mBraining coaching and certified Gallup Leadership Coach and Strengthsfinder Practitioner.   She is qualified in a range of 360 degree tools and psychometrics including Hogan, Gallup Strengthsfinder and Leadership Profiling, MBTI Step I and II and Facet 5.  Veronica’s ground-breaking book ‘The Journey Inside: Coaching to the Core’ is due to be published later this year.