Satu Kreula

Satu’s passion is supporting her clients in resolving challenging situations that require bridging a gap (such as performance, communication and relationships) and bringing people together across a variety of divides (cultural and functional), including ones that they may have within themselves.

In her work she draws on 20+ years of experience of both working in a variety of organisations (from multinational conglomerates to the UN to international NGOs and SMEs) and having had the privilege of working in over 40 countries across six continents (she’s lived in 7 and travelled in over 80). She is known for her practical approach, compassion, cross-cultural sensitivity, willingness to challenge clients and bringing up what’s not being said (or possibly fully understood).

She is curious and when she is not learning through the work she is doing, she engages in various ways of quenching her thirst of better understanding what makes us tick.  In addition to professional development work, this includes doing personal development of her own, reading broadly and being enchanted by watching her young daughter grow and make sense of the world.