Laura Lewin

Laura is a business psychologist by background with a 20+ year track record facilitating individuals, teams and organizations. Extensively experienced at senior levels, her areas of expertise include strategy facilitation, culture change, one-to-one and team coaching and leadership development.

She works across the globe in both the private sector and NGOs, often in multi-stakeholder environments. She has developed and delivered programmes accredited by universities, has worked on whole-scale organizational transformation programmes and typically works with multi-cultural, senior teams.

She and is particularly interested in helping clients develop the competence to work effectively with complex challenges. Her approach is to blend expertise in individual development (the ‘psychological’ perspective) with her understanding of how complex adaptive human systems change and to help people develop ‘system sight’.

Regardless of the context, she has a passion for creating the conditions that allow people to really understand each other and then think and act with integrity and courage. Clients say she is warm, insightful, and inspiring to work with.